Your ministry story is important

I recently asked someone to share their ministry story… They looked at me as though I was asking them solve a complex equation. They said: “I don’t have a story, I haven’t done anything important.”. This response was disheartening to me.

Marketing is designed to give people the impression that they are important, yet sociologically and physiologically we know that can’t be true. People are told that they “deserve” things… They deserve to be happy. They deserve to do something nice for themselves. Why?  You would think this would elevate their self worth, but it doesn’t.

We are living in a paradox where the insecurity of personal value is in direct competition with the marketing messages that are reinforced every day. I read somewhere that people are exposed to almost 2000 advertisements a day. All selling something using the desires and vulnerabilities of the the person watching to convince them that the product or service they are being engaged with will somehow make their life better or easier.

The truth is that there are very few things you can buy that actually give someone a sense of real value. The things we acquire are insignificant compared the things that make us who we are.

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