About Keenly Interactive

Experience with a heart for what matters

The needs of others cut deep.

We care about the abused, abandoned, homeless, and hopeless people around us. Which in turn is why we care deeply for the numerous cause-based organizations and churches engaged in helping them. Our mission is to give ministries the edge needed to change culture for good. We are a caring group of business, creative, and ministry-focused minds with a singular purpose to sharpen the organizations we work with so that they are more effective. Hone them to reach more. Help more. Do More.

Our team culture is highly relational and built around the idea that working together can change the world.

Jason & Todd run Keenly Interactive with a simple question- “What if every cause-based organization in the world was thriving?”. With years of experience in business, ministry, working with best-selling authors, launching international ministries, and more, our team has the experience to understand the unique challenges and life-changing rewards that come with organizations focused on others.

Our Core Team

jason lehman

Jason Lehman

Creative Director & CEO


Todd Flaming

Assessment Director & COO


Jamie Mitchell

Creative Services Manager

Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson

Video Director


Bob Lehman

Ministry Health


Melinda Lehman


We care a lot about seeing organizations like yours succeed.

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