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A good strategy is critical in growing your organization

Why do we care so much about strategy?

Imagine trying to get to the peak of Mt. Everest without a guide. It's impossible. We've seen far too many passionate leaders and solid ideas flounder and ultimately fail due to confusion and lack of direction. When organizations can't properly assess their needs and identify their obstacle, there will never be long term sustainability. Our KeenEdge strategic process allows us to closely work with you and help point you in the best direction.  The process intersects every conversation and recommendation we give. That's why we spend so much time asking so many questions when we work together. When we're done with the assessment, you will have a map to get exactly where you want to go.

KeenEdge Assessment

Every client engagement starts with our proprietary KeenEdge assessment. Our strategic process doesn’t involve growth projections, efficiency charts, or industry averages. Are you really going to use those when we’re not around? What really matters for ministry is this: are we connecting?

We focus on how people connect to you and how you can reach more. Our assessments compare the difference between what you think of yourself and what others think of you, which is usually larger than you would imagine. Once we know which bridges we need to cross, then we create custom solutions and help you implement them.

KeenEdge is a discovery oriented process that takes place in three phases. First, we hear from you and learn as much as we can about your history, your work, and your motivations. Second, we move outside your organization and gather perceptions through various interviews, focus groups, and study exercises. Once these are complete, we analyze the trends and help to define your strong and weak points, and your best path to better outcomes. We provide recommendations for messaging, programs, and even hiring when the data calls for it. At the end, we provide a written report that details our findings as well as our recommendations.

Why Put Strategy Before Tactics?

  • Because some parts of your story resonate more than others.
  • Because you can waste time reaching people who won’t respond.
  • Because some of your supporters are responding in ways that aren’t helpful.

Defining your own story, influence, and desired response can be difficult from the inside of an organization. KeenEdge assessment helps our clients find the place where all three overlap, and create a focused point to organize around. Once focused, an organization can drive forward, confident that they are headed in the right direction.


Now What?

We don’t want anyone stuck with a bunch of insights that they can’t act upon. That's why every completed KeenEdge report comes with a credit toward the next project. That way, you can start moving right away without worrying about the next budget cycle.

Is it really that necessary?

We could tell you all day that you would benefit from our strategic help, but that’s just talking about ourselves. Fortunately, we’ve already worked with ministries that have already benefitted from the value of strategy.

Are you ready?

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