Around the world, people are suffering, hurting, and reaching out for someone to help them. Sometimes visible, often hidden, overwhelming brokenness exists in so many places. While many overlook this, you and your ministry actually care about what's happening and are trying to do something about it. You are striving to build a ministry that loves like Jesus.

But this work is not easy. You're tired. You feel like the work you do matters most to you, but so many others just don't understand. You know that God is in this. You know the work matters.

You've got an incredible story to tell, but you're not sure how to put it into a language that people will respond to and care about.

How does this get better?

That simple question is the reason we are here. We are Keenly, a group of ministry innovators who help leaders overcome challenges by reimagining what their work and stories could be. We are artists, creatives, strategic thinkers, pastors, business leaders, and techies, with ministry hearts on a mission to help ministries do better.


We've teamed up with organizations on different projects across the globe, from the smallest startups to the largest ministries and churches. Some are household names, while others operate quietly in the most challenging corners of the world.