Rethink Your Ministry

With strategies that put vision within reach

Do Ministry Well

We see your passion. We’ve been there, too. Whether you run a church, school, or relief organization, we know ministry is not a 9-5 job. You have more ideas than time, more needs than funds, and more people than you can reach. What if you could be sure that your efforts were focused on the right places, programs, and people?

Make Ministry Strategic

Keenly Interactive believes that strategy is at the core of the best ministry outcomes. With limited budgets and time, we’ve seen countless ministries fumble around through trial and error, hoping that each new idea will stick. We offer a different direction: an objective look at your calling, audience, and greatest opportunities. You provide vision and passion, and we help you build effective plans and tools to get you there.

Bring Innovation to Your Ministry

We create brands, video, and websites that move organizations to new levels. A proper brand reflects your passion and resonates with the right people, and we can help you define and maintain yours. Our video projects move beyond talking heads to create cinematic tools that engage the mind and the heart. Sure, we can make a website that looks nice, but our priority is to create a site that accurately reflects you to the right people, and gets results (then we make it look nice, too).

Innovation isn’t just being creative

It’s being purposefully inventive enough to create an entirely new solution to a problem. At Keenly, we help organizations grow their capacity to innovate solutions for the problems they seek to solve.

Your Story is Our Story

We don't really like the word vendor. Our team-oriented approach extends to client relationships that feel more like a partnership. Our success is tied to your outcomes, so we take a keen interest in achieving your goals, not ours.


Our team is built to come along side ministries as a coach, strategist, and friend. While you were called to run your organization, we were called to be creative and innovative visionaries who help ministries thrive. We are partners in your work and become an extension of your current team.

We've had the privilege of working with some great organizations

“Keenly Interactive was great to work with! For the past year, I have referenced Keenly’s report and strategic roadmap almost every week in implementing changes across the organization.”– Steve Johnson, Exec VP, Phoenix Seminary


We are a company that cares a lot about ministries and the leaders that drive them.

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Connecting with Keenly Interactive

We can connect with you just about anywhere. Your office, via skype, at a coffee shop, or one of our two office locations in Phoenix. Use our contact page or social media channels to send us a note and we will get right back to you.