3 ways that saving money can hurt your mission

Non-profits need to watch the dollars, and they should. Nobody wants to be the subject of an exposé about corporate salaries or extravagant travel spending by a ministry. But it’s easy for the pendulum to swing too far in the opposite direction — to be too focused on the pie chart and not on actual…

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Avoiding Church Fights by Having a Clear Vision

Last week, Jason shared some practical ways to inspire individuals in your organization whose vision has strayed from what it originally started as. This week, Todd will discuss vision again, however this is more specifically relevant to churches.   We are frequently approached by churches to help iron out conflicts and priorities in their programming…

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3 Ways to Reignite your Organization’s Original Vision

Most nonprofits are initially built around someone’s vision to accomplish something that seems impossible. When people start organizations, when they pioneer down the path of this new venture, there are no restrictions in their mind. There’s simply a burning desire in their heart that says we’re going to make this big difference in the world,…

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2 Ideas for Reaching the Modern Donor Mindset

How is your organization talking to potential donors? If you run a nonprofit, you should already have an answer to this. Your communication style with each potential partner is crucial. This includes how you are reaching out to them, what kind of stories you are telling, and the wording you are using. If your message…

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Going Alone: 3 Problems You Face When You Won’t Partner

Growing up, we are constantly taught the importance of sharing and playing nice with our friends. “Play nice!” and “Please share!” are common things to tell kids. But, much like eating vegetables, adults don’t always do what they make the kids do. When I work with different organizations, I find myself saying the same things.…

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Ministries Should Think Like Entrepreneurs

At Keenly Interactive, my job is to work with ministries. Big and small, local and international, building churches or educating children in Africa, I have the honor of working with such a variety of kingdom-changing groups. The past few years as I’ve been able to look behind the curtain of these different ministries, I’ve noticed…

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