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3 Tips to Hang on to Your Volunteers

By Todd Flaming | Oct 2, 2017

Recently I was talking with a ministry that commits a large amount of hours each quarter to looking for new volunteers. The more questions I asked, the more I learned that there was actually a deeper problem: high volunteer turnover. After a few months of serving, they would watch volunteers cut back on their commitment…

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Combating Burnout in Ministry

By Bob Lehman | Sep 26, 2017
Burnout in Ministry

In any job, burnout is inevitable. You’ve seen it—people get tired & frustrated over the years, and it slowly wears them out. What did that look like for me? As a senior pastor for 16 years at a church I started, I found myself constantly battling anxiety & depression. When you’re leading a ministry, running…

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3 Things You Need to Know About Donors

By Jason Lehman | Sep 19, 2017

Donors are a magical thing in the minds of most non-profits. Because of donors, your organization can accomplish what it needs to- what isn’t magical about that? For many of us, the donor doesn’t just represent money- they represent future, growth, opportunity, and movement. The more donors you have in front of you, the more…

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Ministries Should Think Like Entrepreneurs

By Jason Lehman | Aug 21, 2017

At Keenly Interactive, my job is to work with ministries. Big and small, local and international, building churches or educating children in Africa, I have the honor of working with such a variety of kingdom-changing groups. The past few years as I’ve been able to look behind the curtain of these different ministries, I’ve noticed…

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Motivation: Why Can’t I Reach More People?

By Todd Flaming | Aug 15, 2017

One of the most critical parts we find in helping ministries and non profits is to get into the unique mindset of each organization. Many facets are unique to the organization, but a few issues run consistently through most organizations we’ve worked with. One theme that I’ve noticed is something that I call “Assumed Intrinsic…

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Not Everybody has a Marketing Department

By Todd Flaming | Aug 6, 2015

Growth is simultaneously good and bad. There is a purity and excitement to being a small organization that is lean and agile, but an organization ultimately needs to grow. Many will end up as large, organized, efficient institutions with many specialized departments all doing their best work for a common goal. But in between these…

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Working with a Designer Part I

By Todd Flaming | May 6, 2015

I’ve been working as a designer for a little over 15 years now, and while each project is unique in some ways, there are themes that run through almost everything that I work on. Client interaction is one of the biggest factors in determining the success of a project. Most clients want a good return…

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Market Economy or Market Culture?

By Todd Flaming | Apr 21, 2015

Before I go too far the other way, let me start by saying that concepts such as property rights, mutual coincidence of wants, and free market trading have been extremely positive means of advancing humanity. Free markets and the profit motive have been responsible for raising countless people from poverty to affluence, and given rise…

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Lessons from Starbucks and World Change

By Todd Flaming | Apr 13, 2015

In the now well-publicized failure of its Race Together campaign, Starbucks has given us a wonderful lesson about understanding your audience. It was, sadly for Starbucks, a cautionary tale of large and embarrassing proportions. In the event that you aren’t aware of this story, I’ll briefly summarize it before getting to what I think is…

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Where Idealism Meets Reality

By Todd Flaming | Apr 13, 2015
Keen Edge

Jason has a very idealistic view of the world.. It’s positive, contagious, and very much needed today. My experience and background are that of a realist, but these two things complement each other and allow great work to happen. I grew up in a small family business. It’s an interesting dichotomy to grow up understanding the…

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Does your organization want to change the world?

By Jason Lehman | Mar 9, 2015
want to change the world

So you want to change the world? Me too. I used to think it was a nice thing to say or aspire to, but over the years it has become a driving force in what motives me personally and professionally. I’m our idealist, where Todd tends to be our realist. I grew up in a…

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