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Your ministry story is important

By Jason Lehman | Mar 8, 2015

I recently asked someone to share their ministry story… They looked at me as though I was asking them solve a complex equation. They said: “I don’t have a story, I haven’t done anything important.”. This response was disheartening to me. Marketing is designed to give people the impression that they are important, yet sociologically…

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Stop Marketing and Start Inspiring People

By Jason Lehman | Nov 1, 2012

When you hear the word “Inspire”, what comes to mind? Do you have the picturesque image of an artist painting the sunset meeting a dark and vast mountain range? Or perhaps you visualize someone sitting at a spot-lit piano on a blacken stage on the verge of a masterpiece. Maybe it takes you back to…

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Marketing Masks & Ninja Assassins

By Jason Lehman | Nov 1, 2012

I get a kick out of the things people dress up like for Halloween. How one personality transforms into another for a day of fun. Take my niece Sadie just for example. Mild mannered, sweet little first grader who transforms into a dangerous masked ninja assassin. I can’t barely even recognize her in her Halloween…

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The marketing works, so now what?

By Todd Flaming | Sep 17, 2012

Getting someone to call, click or come in is very important, but if there’s not a plan beyond this, you may actually do more harm than good. After all, most new contacts will only investigate you once, and if you aren’t ready, they may be lost forever. So what happens when they respond to your message, attend…

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